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Keeping The Door Open For The American Dream

The United States has always been a land of opportunity, and it is my privilege to help aspiring immigrants like you make it your new home. Whether you’re a company looking to relocate employees from overseas or a recent migrant hoping to bring family members to join you in pursuit of the American Dream, I am here to help.

Paving Your Legal Path For Immigration

As an immigration lawyer, I represent individuals and companies, handling the crucial paperwork and immigration applications needed to come to the United States, stay and work here, and eventually naturalize as full citizens.

I work closely with national, international, and multinational companies to bring employees into the U.S., as well as with investors and entrepreneurs seeking to establish their new home here.

At the core, I represent people with hopes, dreams, and incredible talents and stories – people just like you.

An Architect For Your Immigration

No matter what visa or immigration route you are seeking, I know how to guide you there.

By meticulously preparing your file and application, I ensure no mistakes will cost you precious time or resources, making the process smooth from the start.

Navigating the vast and daunting U.S. immigration system alone can be frightening, but I take that stress away and replace it with confidence in a personalized path designed to help you and your family achieve the freedom and opportunity you deserve.

I Treasure Each Story I Get To Play A Part In

With over 30 years of immigration law practice, I am proud to have helped thousands unlock their paths to life, prosperity, and freedom in the United States.

From an international soccer star to a genius oil engineer and a brilliant high schooler fleeing persecution and poverty, I have been honored to play a small but crucial part in the remarkable stories of so many lives.

Furthermore, I’m proud to say that companies in Texas, California, and across the United States repeatedly turn to me because they know that when their employees face immigration challenges or need visas to fuel their growth, I have the solutions they need.

My Door Is Always Open

You won’t reach your immigration goals by sitting at home and hoping. There are many steps between now and your future life and work in the U.S., and I will help you along each and every one of them.

The first step is the simplest: pick up the phone and call my firm. Together, we will embark on your path to success.

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