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We were lucky to find Attorney Andrew. I was able to finally get my Green Card after several years here in the United States. Now I am filing to remove the conditions on my Green Card and in a year I can apply for citizenship. We appreciate everything Andrew has done for us.

Swat Patiphan - Henderson, Nevada

My wife is a U.S. citizen and she petitioned me to become a Permanent Resident. I entered the United States illegally and needed a Waiver. Attorney Driggs filed the family petition which was approved and the I-601A Waiver which was also approved. His office helped us with the appointment in Ciudad Juarez. I just returned back from Juarez with my permanent residency. I really appreciate Attorney Driggs’ hard work and knowledge in helping my family stay together in the United States.

Leonel Lucero - Upland, CA

I applied for my citizenship through a Notario, but it was denied. I hired Andrew Driggs to appeal the denial. He was very forceful and insistent with the USCIS officials and he won the appeal! I have had heard that most appeals are lost, but Andrew made me feel confident with what we were doing. I refer all of my friends to this attorney because I know he will do a good job with their cases.

Jose Alfredo Contreras - Lynnwood, CA

Mid last year, I needed a lawyer that could help me with my immigration status. I am very lucky that I found Mr. Driggs as a lawyer to help me with my immigration paper work. He made the process effortless, smooth and fast for me and my wife. He really put out his best for his clients. I am so happy that he was able to resolved all my issues. He definitely gets the job done! Thank you again Mr. Driggs for everything that you had done for me and my wife.

Jerhome Pena - Long Beach, CA

Attorney Andrew really helped me with my immigration process from the Philippines in 2011. My husband and I applied in late November and I was able to interview and come to the United States on August 18, 2012. He made everything seem easy and simple, but I know from hearing from other friends that it is very complicated and can take much longer. Now I am in the United States and starting a family. I owe this to Attorney Andrew.

Hassel Santillan - Lakewood, CA

Andrew Driggs is our immigration Attorney, he is very helpful my husband was detained and Mr. Andrew went beyond and worked on his case late hours of the night and was able to get him released, Mr. Andrew is a true immigration Attorney who really cares about families and will go beyond his powers to help you. My husband and I are blessed and thankful to Andrew Driggs for keeping our family together. :)

Leticia and Fernando Garcia - Las Vegas, NV

We needed a good honest attorney and Andrew definitely is one. My dad Humberto Jara had seen several different attorneys who took advantage of him before finally coming to Andrew. He'll be getting his green card very soon and we are very thankful to have found Andrew.

Christian Jara - Santa Ana, California


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