Removal Defense

An immigration court case is initiated when the government is trying to deport someone. This could be anyone who is undocumented or even a person who has a Green Card already. Unless you are a citizen of the United States, you are subject to deportation—which is now called “Removal.”

There are certain defenses to Removal, which can form the basis of a case against the government’s efforts. It is imperative to be represented by an experienced immigration attorney in court. Our lawyers have won Cancellation of Removal cases for both Permanent Residents and Non-permanent Residents, Asylum cases and have gotten many cases closed. If you or a relative is detained by Immigration Customs Enforcement (“ICE”) or is served a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court, it is important to call us immediately.

Our lawyers have also been successful in re-opening old deportation cases, where a person was deported and just never left. We have been successful in getting those cases re-opened and then terminated, thereby allowing our clients to legalize and obtain their lawful permanent residence.