Fiancee Visa

The immigration laws allow a United States citizen to petition for a foreign fiancée, bring him or her to the United States, get married, and then the fiancée applies for lawful permanent residence or a Green Card.

There are several different requirements and restrictions for the fiancée visa. One of the rules is that the couple must have met in person at least once during the previous two years. In filing the application, we need to prove that the couple is ready and willing to marry within 90 days after the fiancée enters the United States.

The petition is filed here in the United States and is adjudicated here. Once the petition is approved, the approval notice is sent to the United States Consulate where the fiancée lives. A number of documents are sent to the Consulate and an appointment is set. During the appointment at the Consulate, the fiancée must show that there is a real relationship between him or her and the United State petitioner. Although the fiancée visa is technically a non-immigrant visa, the fiancée will have to comply with certain Immigrant requirements, such as the Physical Examination.

Once the fiancée arrives in the United States, he or she may file right away for work authorization. After the couple is married, the fiancée then applies for Adjustment of Status to Lawful Permanent Resident.