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Can 12 Million People Possibly be Deported?

A lot has been said about plans from a certain candidate for President to try and deport persons here in the United States that are living here without legal status. Many people take his statements seriously and believe that it is possible to deport all of the “illegals” living in the United States. Yet is this plan even possible? The truth is that there is zero chance that this will happen—no matter who is elected President.

It is not that easy to be deported. First, you must be identified and targeted by Immigration Customs and Enforcement—the police force of the Department of Homeland Security. Then they must issue you a Notice to Appear in Immigration Court. All persons in the United States, regardless of legal status, have the protection of our Constitution, specifically due process rights. That means that the government cannot take action against you, without complying with the established procedures associated with that action. In the Immigration Court, you must have the opportunity to plead to the allegations contained in the Notice to Appear, and identify if there is any opportunity for relief—or way that the person can stay in the United States.

In the past few years, more people have been deported from the United States than in any time in history. About 1800 persons are being deported each court day. This is a very high number. Even if the government could keep up this pace, which is doubtful without a massive increase in the number of judges and courtrooms, it would take about thirty-three (33) YEARS to deport every undocumented people in the United States. Thirty-three years!

Needless to say, this will never happen. Hopefully, what will happen is that with the coming election, we can get certain reforms to our immigration system that will actually keep families together and able to work and be productive members of our community. This reform is extremely overdue.

So if you are worried about being removed from the United States because some candidate wants to pander to his political base—do not be worried about it and do not believe it.


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