E2 Treaty Investor Visa

E2 Treaty Investor

Starting a business in the USA

The E-2 Visa allows a national from a country that has a trade treaty with the USA to be admitted to the United States when investing a substantial amount of money in a new or existing business located within the USA.

There are certain criteria that have to be met to qualify and to maintain an E2 Visa, such as eventually employing others. The E2 Visa is a great option for those wishing to live in the USA and their children to attend a US school.

While there is no minimum investment amount. Unlike the E1 Visa which needs a functioning business to apply, an E2 Visa must invest enough to open or buy the business and for it to become profitable enough to hire employees. The E-2 Visa is a great long-term visa because, much like the E1 Visa, a person can hold an E-2 visa for as long as the business is still operating.

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